We are always looking for new material respectively cases from YOU.

As we like to showcase the clinical reality, we welcome the "not so perfect" case as long as you as the responsible doctor or technician have tried to work in the borders of good clinical practice.

We will help you to arrange your case prior putting it online.

We very appreciate your contribution. Without your input there will be no material available to improve our common knowledge.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.



Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schilli
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Georg Schilli
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Dr. Pascal Marquardt
Medical Advisor MY-SIC
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Contribution selection

We prefer contributions that are your own original content that has not appeared previously in other online or print publications. However, if your work has been published you can email the Editor and ask him to review.



You must have full copyright and/or written copyright clearance for any included content that is not your own. We will not publish works that contravene copyright. If your contribution is accepted for publication you will be required to affirm your full copyright of all content and we may ask you to supply proof of additional copyright for included content.