Schilli Implantology Circle

The SIC is a federation of maxillofacial surgeons, oral surgeons, doctors, dentists and dental technicians working throughout the world in the area of oral implantology. On a mutual trust, proven specialists bring their decades of scientific and practical clinical experience to this expert forum, where regular exchanges take place. Out of the conviction that existing practice, however good it may be, should be continually questioned, new ideas and proposals are produced constantly for further improving and increasing the effectiveness and safety of treatment with dental implants. The Schilli Implantology Circle, set up by the chairman, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schilli, together with the founding members, Prof. Dr. Daniel Buchbinder and Dr. mult. Christian Foitzik, sees itself as a competent discussion forum in a small and exclusive circle. Its vision is to integrate and implement the results of recent theoretical and scientific research into practical systems, constantly comparing them with practical experiences in the search for compromises for improvements in the field of oral implantology. The short routes of communication based on mutual acquaintance and a personal relationship of trust are advantages, together with continual exchanges in small regional groups. Through close collaboration with SIC invent AG, the requirement profiles and standards for implant systems defined by the SIC can be included in the development of marketable products. During the development phase, the core competence of the SIC members allows the practical benefit and clinical relevance of new products to be scrutinised even before they are introduced to the market. Furthermore, the Circle makes an important contribution to quality assurance since regular use of SIC invent products enables product care to be influenced by user knowledge and experience.